The Brigg Renewable Energy Plant welcomes the opportunity to show groups around the site to learn more about how the plant operates, generating clean, green energy for over 75,000 homes. The Energy Plant continues to host visits from all sorts of local groups that are interested in renewable energy. Whether educational, a possible business opportunity or simply out of an interest in renewables and getting to know a new business in the area a little better, groups are regularly shown around the facility.

David Dunn the Chairman of Brigg Young Farmers Club says “It was a great visit which I think surprised us all! It was really interesting to have a first-hand opportunity to see how a renewable energy plant like Brigg actually operates, what goes on behind the scenes. For us it was also important to be able to talk to people running a plant like this about the potential to be growing crops to supply this and even other plants in the area. It’s easy to forget that these are the sorts of crops we could be growing in the future.”

Colin Jones from Brigg Renewable Energy Plant says “It’s always great to host groups around the site and show them what we do and how the process works. It was particularly nice to be talking to local young people that we can offer an alternative market and commercial opportunity to as they grow their own businesses. When we developed the plant here we were always very focused on ensuring we brought as many opportunities to the local community as possible and this really is an example of that.”

If you wish to arrange a visit to the plant, please contact Colin Jones in the first instant on