We are new in your area and we know that means we need to work hard to make sure our project brings as many benefits as possible to your community. Being good neighbours remains our top priority and we hope that we can continue to become a positive part of your community, working together now and into the future.

Now we’re up and running there are further longer term benefits. We have employed 30 people to work on the Operations and Maintenance team at our plant and they are all from the local community. These are 30 jobs with real job security as our renewable energy plant will be running for many years to come.

We hope that our project has brought many benefits to our business and community neighbours. During the construction period we used as many local contractors as we could and encouraged them in turn to make the best use of local businesses like catering, office supplies and taxis as well as buying our straw from local and regional producers – all of which has and will continue to support the local economy.

As well as finishing building the plant and handing it over to begin operations, we have also been finalising our Community Benefit Fund. We have chosen to work with Grantscape who have helped set up similar funding schemes across the UK and so have lots of experience in making sure that the grant scheme works well for you.

We have committed to an initial 3 year Community Benefit Fund period with a view to extending funding for a further 2 years. We are also proud to say that this fund will contribute £50,000 a year in grants to your local community. For further information about the Community Fund, the types of project it will support and who can apply, visit the Grantscape website by clicking here.

Click here to view The Brigg Biomass Community Fund information sheet

We are pleased to say that the first round of grants from the Brigg Biomass Plant Community Fund have been awarded. Please click here to view the press release and for details on the successful groups that applied to the first round of the Brigg Biomass Plant Community Fund.

We’re really excited to be able to show you round and look forward to the opportunity to welcome you to our power plant. If you’re a local school, club, a local community group or a group of local residents interested in attending one of our future tours, please register your interest at info@bwscnorthlincs.co.uk